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Chain Wrestling Club

Thank you for your interest in Chain Wrestling.

Please read the detailed information below regarding our club to assure our club is the right fit for your family before registration.

We are part of USA Wrestling and believe in the values of responsibility, integrity, dedication, honesty, accountability, and respect not only in our club’s facility, but while participating in tournaments, and in your child’s future life experiences.

Mission Statement

"Chain Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote, grow, and support the sport of youth wrestling. We value young men and women committed to the sport of wrestling to excel and compete at the highest levels. We strive to help guide our wrestlers to set and achieve goals through discipline to prepare them for future life experiences."

WE ARE NOT A REC CLUB. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization composed of dedicated volunteers and consist of a Board of Directors. We are a wrestling club with the focus to the develop our wrestlers into competitive athletes. We ask that you remain at practice with your child to support and encourage their love of wrestling. We believe families should be there to model good behaviors and celebrate your wrestlers’ daily achievements.

Our club requires family volunteering. We are a non-profit club that needs helps with volunteering from our members to remain operating smoothly. We will need help with volunteering at our own hosted tournaments, running scoring tables at both Folkstyle and Freestyle/Greco State Championships, and some volunteering with Carnation Farms events.


We have 2 seasons, Folkstyle which runs from October - February and Freestyle/Greco-Roman which runs from February – May. (We do keep practicing after the State Championships for those participating in Regional and National tournaments.)

USA Wrestling Card – all wrestlers are required to have a USA wrestling card before trying out a practice. Please purchase at before registering or participating in a practice.


All wrestlers must have a valid USA wrestling card before participating in a practice.

Please arrive and leave on time for all practices. We have a gate leading to the property that must remain shut 10 minutes before and after all practice start times.

If you would like to come and watch a practice before deciding to join the club, you are more than welcome. If you would like your child to try a practice before registering, they may join ONE practice free of chargebut you must still purchase a USA wrestling card and we will not hold a spot for your child unless they are registered. Wrestlers have 2 weeks from the start of practice to receive a full refund, after two weeks no refunds will be administered.


We require all wrestlers regardless of age to participate in tournaments. (Tournaments are like our games, you would not sign up your child for baseball and not show up to the games, so we require you to participate in tournaments). Wrestling is a team sport as much as it is an individual sport. During each tournament team points are calculated for each club and awards are often given to the top 3 clubs. But most importantly, during a tournament is where your child will learn valuable skills through competition.

Folkstyle we have the WWKWL tournaments for beginner wrestlers with 2 years or less experience, and USA open tournaments for Novice and Advanced wrestlers. Freestyle and Greco we have only USA open tournaments.

Novice Group

Novice group is for beginners with little or no wrestling experience with two 45minute practices a week. Our Novice Group will be taught and practice the fundamentals of wrestling to compete in tournaments. Ages vary, wrestlers can start as early as age 3 or 4, but they must be able to keep up with the group and follow structured directions. If you are unsure if your child will be able to follow practice structure, you can register to assure a spot on the roster and you will have two weeks to receive a full refund if your child is not quite ready. Regardless of age, we require all members to participate in tournaments.

If you are in middle school and new to wrestling, we may ask you to register for the Novice Group and try both Novice and Advance practices to see where you are better fit (to make sure you have a wrestling partner fit for you based on age/weight and learning ability). If wresters move up to Advance, you will pay the difference in cost.

High School Wrestlers please see below.


Advance group is by coaches invite only (unless you are in high school see below). The Advanced group will have three practices a week (5 hours total). Advance wrestling is for the experienced wrestler. Our advanced wrestlers will have a more intense focus where competition is the motivation. This is for the serious wrestler who accepts being pushed to their full potential. Participation in tournaments and the WA State Championship is required and Regional and National Tournaments are highly encouraged.

High School Group

You will be wrestling with the Advance Group.

Folkstyle - If you are in High School, please sign up for our High School Group if you will be participating in High School Wrestling and only participating at practices for a few weeks prior to the start of your high school wrestling season and on a minimum basis.

If you are planning on participating in High School Wrestling and Advanced Practices on a regular basis, please sign up for the Advance Group.

Freestyle/Greco - please sign up for the Advance Group.

Please let us know if you have any further questions after reading the above information and after reading over each tab of our website.

Thank you,

Chain Wrestling