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Chain Wrestling Club



Brackets will be posted outside the gym on the wall in order of age, starting with peewees and ending in Seniors. If there are more than 5 kids in a bracket, it will look like this:


BRACKET TITLE: You will find the name of the tournament on the top left, and the age division with the weight category on the top right.

FIRST BOUTS: There will only be names in the rectangles with the bout numbers to begin.

WINNERS BRACKET: If your child wins, they will move to the right-hand side which is called the winners bracket

LOSERS BRACKET: If your child loses, they will move to the left-hand side which is called the losers bracket.

SEMI-FINALS: If you keep winning, there will be 4 wrestlers on the right-hand side of the bracket remaining, this is called the semi-finals.

FINALS: When there are two wrestlers left on the right-hand side, this is called the finals.

TRUE SECOND: If you lose your finals match, you will be put down into the second-place match bracket. You will have to wrestle the 3rd place winner for ‘true second’ IF YOU DID NOT DEFEAT THEM PREVIOUSLY IN THE DAY. If you already beat them, you take second place based on rule.

DOUBLE ELIMINATION: ONCE YOU LOSE TWICE, YOU ARE ELIMINATED FROM THE BRACKET, CALLED DOUBLE-ELIMINATION. (For bigger tournaments that place to higher than 4, you may wrestle again, make sure your name is not on the board before you leave!)

SCORING: Scoring is written under the name of the wrestler. TF is a tech fall, Fall is a pin, and Dec is decision, FF is forfeit, and Inj: means there was a win based on injury.

ROUND ROBIN BRACKET: A round robin bracket usually takes place when there are 5 or less wrestlers in your bracket.


ROUNDS: In a round robin, you will have as many rounds as there are wrestlers. You will wrestle each round (with one round being a bye).

PLACING: The wrestler with the most wins from each rounds wins. The wrestler with the second most wins takes second, etc.

2 MAN BRACKET: If there are only two wrestlers in a bracket, the best out of 3 rounds wins, if you win or lose the first two, then there will not be a third round based on rule.

PLACINGS: Even though it shows placings past third place, only the top 3 will receive a medal.

BOUT NUMBERS: You will look at the bout number posted in the middle of your child’s name and their opponents. This is the bout number they will wrestle. You can track your bout number by looking at the big screens placed in or outside of the gym, or you can follow on track wrestling (see track wrestling tab). Once the bout number is posted on the screen or track wrestling, it will give you the mat number. It is your responsibility to get your child to the mat and find a coach.