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Chain Wrestling Club


Chain wrestling is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our club resides in a barn rented out from Carnation Farms. Our club consists of 7 board members and various coaches whom volunteer to help make Chain Wrestling a safe and pleasurable place for your wrestler and family. It is up to every Chain Wrestling member and family to follow these important rules to ensure the safety of your child and maintain the upkeeping of the property and equipment of Chain Wrestling and Carnation Farms. We need everyone to participate in making our club a safe and enjoyable environment.


Water bottles – We strongly encourage your child to bring a reusable water bottle to practice. We have a filtered water station available to fill up with water. This water is to be used for drinking water, please do not abuse it as it is provided by Chain Wrestling (no water fights, pouring out, etc.).

Wrestling Card – Please make sure we have a copy of your child’s USAW Wrestling card. We will keep the card in a binder at the gym. Please write a current emergency contact name and phone number on the front or back of the card so we have it on file.

Wrestling Hygiene – Chain Wrestling cleans the mats after each practice, but we need each wrestler and family member to do your part in keeping infections and germs off the mat.

Do not wear street shoes on the mat! This includes wrestlers, parents, and siblings! This increases risk of infection.

Clean your wrestling shoes every time you step onto the mat. There will be a cleaning mat with cleaning solution to clean your wresting shoes. If it is out of cleaner, tell a coach to refill it before stepping on the mat.

Have trimmed nails! Not only can they hurt your wrestling partner, they carry germs under the nails!

If you have a suspected infection on your skin, get checked out by the doctor before stepping on the mat! If it is contagious, DO NOT WRESTLE! Follow your doctor’s instructions and inform a coach. Clear it with the coach before returning to the mat.

If ANYONE is sick, stay off the mat, and stay home! Germs spread quickly, and it is better that you or your child recovers rather than spreading it to the whole club. Missing a few days of practice is better than sharing it with the entire club, and possibly having the germs come back to you again. If you have a fever, throwing up, diarrhea, or prescribed an antibiotic, please do not return to the practice facility until 24 hours after your last symptom or first antibiotic dose.

If you need to go outside or use the bathroom, take off your wrestling shoes and put on street shoes! Please try and use the bathroom before practice starts and before you put on your wrestling shoes. Use the hand sanitizer in the bathroom and rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of both hands, including between your fingers and up around your fingertips and nails, let dry for 30 seconds before entering the mat.

If you have a wrestling bag/gym bag, do not store your wrestling shoes next to your outdoor shoes! Outdoor shoes carry many germs.

SHOWER! Shower as soon as you get home, with hot water….and soap!

There are products to help prevent infection such as defense soaps, gels, foams, and wipes such as There are also other brand name products available.


Restrooms– No wrestling shoes should be worn in the portable restroom. Please talk to your child about keeping it clean. If you have a small child, please monitor them and clean up after them if an accident happens. And make sure EVERYONE uses the hand sanitizer. We get it serviced every month. Please talk to your child about making sure there is paper before they use it! If the paper is out or the hand sanitizer, please tell a coach or board member.

Restrictions Outside – The Chain Barn is on the property of Carnation Farms. THE STREET THAT LEADS UP TO THE BARN, THE BARN ITSELF, AND THE PARKING AREAS NEXT TO THE BARN ARE THE ONLY AREAS ALLOWED TO BE USED by the public. No one is to go outside of these areas based on our rental agreement with Carnation Farms. If you see someone breaking these rules, please report to a coach, board member, or email us at [email protected].

Rules of the MatNo street shoes are allowed on the mats. Make sure your child comes in street shoes and changes to their wrestling shoes inside the barn. NO WRESTLING SHOES SHOULD BE WARN OUTSIDE…EVER! This helps prevent germs and diseases that can be transferred to the mat. If your child needs to use the restroom, they need to take off their shoes to do so. It may seem like a hassle, but if a child misses, and your child steps in it, then gets on the mat….you get the point. Parents, please take off your shoes before stepping on the mats. We have cubbies you can put your shoes in.


Equipment rules – There is a lot of Chain wrestling equipment around the barn. If the coaches do not give you permission to touch it….don’t! This includes small children. No one should be playing with the equipment…no matter where it is!


Self Care – Please help keep our barn clean and tidy by cleaning up your area before you leave practice each night. We have 2 main garbage cans in the Chain facility. Please throw away any trash into these cans that may accumulate during practice. Please talk to your child about throwing away their own trash, including water bottles! Please do not liter outside.

Siblings – We understand that there will be small children present during your child’s practice. However, they need to follow the same rules as everyone else to assure their safety and to assure practice runs as smoothly as possible.

They should not step on the mats with their shoes on. To prevent your child from stepping on the mat, you can take off their shoes in the barn and place them in a cubby.

Please do not have your child play on the mats during practice, even if your small child has their shoes off, they can still spread germs through dirty hands, nails, and runny noses.

Please assist your small child when using the bathroom and clean up after them if need be.

Clean up any mess they might make while they are playing.

Please do not allow your child to play with any of the chain equipment in any areas inside or outside of the barn.

The upstairs and downstairs are areas for families to watch their child wrestle. Please do not have your child run, climb, or scream in the building. It makes it hard for the wrestlers to hear the coaches, and we need to respect our equipment (railings, stairs, wrestling equipment, couches, etc).


Transportation – Please have your child arrive on time and ready for practice. If you are dropping off your child, please make sure we have an updated contact number in case of an emergency. If picking up your child, please arrive 10 minutes before the end of practice.


Lost and found – We accumulate many items that are left in the barn such as reusable water bottles, clothes, and wrestling gear. Please check the lost and found daily. We will get rid of stuff periodically, and email will be sent before we do so.


Indoor Voices – Please have quiet conversations when talking with other adults and refrain you child from yelling of screaming during practice. This is distracting to the coaches and wrestlers.


No Paraphernalia – No drugs, alcohol, or paraphernalia is allowed in or on the property during practice hours. There may be family BBQ’s in the season where alcohol is permitted, but only when authorization is given.


Gate access – Only the coaches and board members have access to the gate code. Please make sure you and your child bring home all your belongings at the end of practice. All of us have day jobs so you will not be able to get your items until the next practice. Carnation Farms has strict rules who can be on the property, especially non-wrestling hours. There must be a coach or board member with you at all times at the barn.