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Chain Wrestling Club

WWKWL stands for Western Washington Kids Wrestling League. WWKWL is only for new wrestlers with less than two years wrestling experience. YOUR ARE REQUIRED TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE WWKWL GUIDELINES BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN A WWKWL TOURNAMENT. Please see our ‘WWKWL Guidelines’ tab for specific guidelines before attending a tournament. You must have permission from your club before participating in a WWKWL Tournament. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].



-USA wrestling card (paper copy, or picture of card on your phone)

-Wrestling shoes (wear street shoes/sandals outside, change to wrestling shoes inside or wear cleat skins)

-Singlet (any color or style. Wear under warm up clothes to the tournament)

-Hooded sweatshirt (wear while warming up with club and before each match)

-Water/Sports Drink and food (sometimes concessions stands available)

-If bringing a phone to record matches or use track wrestling, may want to bring a charger or battery pack!

- Optional Headgear/mouthpiece

-blanket to save seats and use for sitting

-trimmed nails!


There are different divisions for your age category. This is based on your birthday. WWKWL divisions only go up to the 14U division. Divisions are: Fly, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U. Check out your age division here


Weight brackets for WWKWL vary from USA open tournaments since they bracket everyone into 4’s. You will have 4 people with-in about 5lbs of your son/daughters weight. Check out your USA open weight brackets for an estimate here

*You cannotwrestle up a weight class in WWKWL (option in USA open tournaments only).

*You cannotwrestle in more than one weight brackets (option in USA open tournaments only).


At the beginning of each new season, a point of contact from Chain Wrestling enters all WWKWL participants into the system for the entire year. You will have recieved an email verifying you are on the list, if you have not, contact chain wrestling at [email protected] make sure your child is registered before you attend a WWKWL tournament.

You will need to arrive at the tournament location from 7am – 8am at the gym area of the hosting school. Get there as close to 7am as possible, doors close at 8am sharp! You will need to stand in the line with the letter of your child’s last name to pay the $20 and receive your weigh in card. (DON’T LOSE THIS!!!)


After registration, you will proceed to the weigh-ins area. There is usually a sign that will direct you. You will need your nails trimmed, skin free of infections, and in a singlet only (no socks, shorts, etc). A girl may have on a sports bra/shirt under her singlet. You must present you USA wrestling card, and the card given to you at registration. If you are un-sure of your weight, you may use the check scale first! Once you weigh-in and they write the number on your arm, you CANNOT re-way in. Once you are finished weighing-in, eat breakfast and be back in the gym 40 minutes before start time which is usually 10am for regular tournaments. If you are going out to breakfast, find out where the team is sitting in the gym, and save a seat with a blanket first! The gym gets crowded fast!


Have on your wrestling shoes and be on the mat 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. Find your teammates/coaches, stretch and practice drilling. Coaches encourage you to wear a hooded sweatshirt to keep your muscles warm.


Once the announcement is made to clear the mats, brackets will be posted outside the gym area on paper. You can also follow the brackets/bout number on the track wrestling mobile web site. Please see the tab titled ‘Track Wrestling’ for information how to use this. Please also see the ‘Brackets’ tab on how brackets work.


On your child’s bracket is posted, you will look at the bout number posted next to your child’s name and their opponents. This is the bout number they will wrestle. You can track your bout number by looking at the big screens placed in or outside of the gym, or you can follow on track wrestling (see ‘track wrestling’ tab). Once the bout number is posted on the big screen or track wrestling, it will give you the mat number. It is your responsibility to get your child to the mat and find a coach.


Only your child can go the mat. Parents are not allowed to go to mat area unless they have a USA wrestling coaches card (can be purchased at Any parent can get this card, however once on the mat you are representing chain wrestling and you must be respectful to your child, referees, and opponent at all times. If there is not a coach present, you can ask the mat to call for a coach, but before your child goes to the mat, it is better if they find a coach and let them know what mat they are on. We ask that you do not coach another child unless a coach has given you permission to do so.


WWKWL tournaments all medal to 4thplace. You will not be able to receive your medal until ALL wrestlers are done wrestling in your bracket. You will need to wait for the announcers to call your weight/age bracket up to receive your medals. It is encouraged to wait until the end of the tournament to cheer on your teammates.