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Chain Wrestling Club

Western Washington Kids Wrestling League – Guidelines

Updated 2/25/18 .

Wrestler Eligibility

  • The league is generally for kids with no more than 2 years of experience (excluding time competing as a Pee Wee, unless they have won a State Championship).
  • League Champions and wrestlers who placed in a state championships tournament are excluded from league tournament competition (excluding Pee Wees, unless they have won a State Championship).
  • Wrestlers who have placed in 2 or more Open tournaments with at least 6 kids in those brackets are excluded from league tournament competition.
  • Wrestlers that are excluded under these circumstances can be petitioned in by their coaches if there are low expectations for the wrestler. Petitions are to be emailed to the league secretary prior to the event.
  • Wrestlers who register for a Novice tournament and are not eligible or petitioned in by their coach will be dropped from the tournament and not be reimbursed for their entry fee.
  • Teams who have ineligible wrestlers weigh in for Novice tournaments that have not been petitioned in will be fined $50 per occurrence. For the first infraction of a season, there will only be a warning and the fine will be waived.
  • If a petitioned wrestler wins a tournament with at least 4 competitors in the bracket, the wrestler’s coach will receive a warning. If the coach continues to petition in the wrestler, the team will be fined $25 for each tournament the wrestler wins. The board of directors can review each case and will have the authority to reject the petition.

Tournament Guidelines

  • The entry fee cannot exceed $20, and there is no charge for spectators.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top 4 in each weight class.
  • Full brackets will be used in the league championships to determine a true champion per weight class.
  • The registration form at the league championships will include a check box. Checking the box shows that the wrestler wishes to move up a weight class if they are the only one in their weight class.
  • Wrestlers are not allowed to compete in more than one bracket or register to be in an older age class.
  • Wrestlers are required to weigh-in in either a singlet or the shorts or sweat pants they will compete in.
  • At the league championships, wrestlers can request to have up to two exhibition matches. These exhibition matches will not be started until after the second round of the tournament.
  • A coach is required in the corner for all matches.
  • Visiting teams will be allowed one Table Help wrist band or other floor authorizing designation for their team assistant. This will allow the assistant to be on the floor of the tournament to assist in organizing and working to get their kids to the correct mats. This does not authorize them to coach kids if they do not have a USAW coach’s card.
  • During non-championship league tournaments, if both coaches agree, the wrestlers will be allowed to complete all three rounds after a fall.
  • Host teams are required to pre-pay the league portion of the tournament revenue prior to the tournament or at the tournament. Failure to do so will add a $25 late fee to the charge. Teams must be caught up by the following season to be eligible to host another tournament.